• (SOUnd Language) is an attempt to modernise and optimise the way high-performance, low-latency audio code is written and executed
  • Explore the world's first self-constructing knowledge database built by artificial and human intelligence. cc @raspberryice I/O Is Faster Than the CPU – Let’s Partition Resources and Eliminate (Most) OS Abstractions

用一个单实参数的可导的初等函数可以拟合出任意图像、声音、 scatter plot, 所以在看模型 generalibility 的时候不能只看参数数量、维度。

OSTEP 的故事 A basic gameboy emulator with terminal "Cloud Gaming" support (written in go)


Moving from Go to Rust also allowed us to handle more disks, and larger disks, without increased CPU and Memory costs by being able to directly control memory allocation and garbage collection

@gaocegege 是时候变 rust boy 了 /w\ 记得 @arrowrowe 提到了 (忘了 po 了 看别人的 weekly 又看到了 cc 狗粮 lead @gaocegege

You take a risk when you give others autonomy. The safe option is just to micromanage the shit out of your team — you’ll get mediocre output from mediocre people, while your good people go work somewhere else.

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