RFD 106 Engineering Guide - Go Best Practice

though it is marked as abandoned ... get page cache stats for files on Linux

From The International Obfuscated C Code Contest found it from

didn't know 3[c] in C is same as c[3] until looking at An alternative to Elasticsearch that runs on a few MBs of RAM. written in Rust gnu core utils implemented in go cc @codeworm96 I remember there is something similar in Rust saw it in SJTUG ... badges for the badges's sake


O(nlogn) 整数乘法 ELF Format Microsoft open sourced Windows Calculator App.

the 996-MIT license that is MIT without grant to 996 companies Simple, fast, safe, compiled language for creating maintainable software. Supports translation from C/C++. cc @codeworm96 (not really open sourced though, only has some documentation ... 用 React 刻 XP!一路上的點點滴滴 found it from which is from


(转自 A simple in memory cache written using go Cloud instance type and price information as a service Zero-copy I/O primitives and pipelines for Go. Linux-specific. (I think splice is already used in the net package when it comes to copy ...)