认真又读了一般 ... 感觉我的 css 从来就都没学明白过 ... built using vuepress by @at15 (netlify 真好用.jpg

统计之都也开始做月报了,还可以发招聘广告( future home of the website

Algorithms by Jeff Erickson


xkcd 风格的 matplotlib 画图

非欧空间渲染引擎( 作者解释说这种渲染引擎可以用在 VR 中:如果我们可以将解谜游戏的很多很多房间放进非欧空间,那么玩 VR 游戏的人可以只在有限的范围里走(

Randomized testing for Go

【技术分享】时序数据库简介(上海大学开源社区/无字幕/18-19 冬 6) Dragonboat is a feature complete and high performance multi-group Raft library in Go (use rocksdb for storage) 学下 es2015 ... 居然支持了 object deconstruction

已经 playground 自带 transpiler 的 time travel 很赞 found from

Bask in the glory of classic Multics ALM, APL, BASIC, BCPL, C, COBOL, EXEC_COM, Fortran, MacLISP, MIX, Pascal, PL/I, and RDC programming languages and the Emacs, TECO, QEDX, TED, and EDM text editors. Play games. Exchange messages, email, and participate in Multics Forum meetings. Experience real timesharing — as a public utility operator for managing container registry @gaocegege