阿里云的人写的 docker 日志收集, 应该是调 docker api 来读 ... docker 本身的日志存储好像实现的比较一般 ...

List of courses teaching R

R 语言真的还蛮好用的

The paper trail

Distributed systems and data processing的论文notes,摸鱼了好久后最近好像又更新了几篇…… A beautiful stack trace pretty printer for C++

(又要开始入门 cpp 了 Blb is a distributed object storage system designed for use on bare metal in cluster computing environments.

(abandoned, the company was acquired by wd and the code is open sourced as educational source good ideas thatwe forgot, keynote by Erlang inventor JoeArmstrong slide

There is also a PL track which .. well I don't think is very interesting A backup tool for

人人被收购了,早日 backup 保平安 by Nikalaus Wirth author of Pascal

Found when looking at A Plea for Lean Software and searching for the author Google Optimization Tools (a.k.a., OR-Tools) is an open-source, fast and portable software suite for solving combinatorial optimization problems Ballerina is a compiled, type safe, concurrent programming language designed to make it simple to write microservices that integrate APIs. run on your kubernetes cluster using kubectl

abidiff compares the Application Binary Interfaces (ABI) of two shared libraries in ELF format based on dwarf debug information.

There are also some other interesting topics in Dave's internets of interests series, found it when looking at