The Incredible Proof Machine was created to convey the fun and joy of doing proofs, especially in a computer aided way, without first having to learn the syntax of a “real” thereom prover.

GitHub Actions 感觉像 GitHub 版的 Shortcut,应该能干不少事情,现在是 beta 版

Customized Jupyter notebook

Submitted via bookmarklet :sparkles:

The C++ STL Algorithm map


Thought of making a fantasy map generator a MOS program, but found out that there are a bunch of existing works. An extensible MySQL server implementation in Go. you can write your own data source, i.e. csv, git

MySQL High Availability at GitHub

At 10:52 pm Sunday UTC, multiple services on were affected by a network partition and subsequent database failure resulting in inconsistent information being presented on our website.

作业:阅读这篇文章 找出为什么github的SQL HA方案会被network partition影响