自卖自夸,一个 Jupyter Kernel,支持在 Jupyter Notebook 中发起分布式模型训练。 A generic type-safe language for concurrent, stateful, deadlock-free systems and protocol manipulations Can compile to IR and use go as interpreter

An open source AutoML toolkit for neural architecture search and hyper-parameter tuning.

微软最新开源项目,自动机器学习工具 The most opinionated Go source code linter for code audit. Distributed storage for sequential data ... Replicated state machines is one of the use case

最近在入门 Haskell,在交大图书馆借到了 Real World Haskell 这本英文书的影印版。感觉这本书在介绍语法的基础上,用实际的例子锻炼了 FP 的思维,比之前看的 Tutorial 书好多了( 网上免费阅读。 x86 进 iPhone 基带。 x86 进 iPhone 基带。

为啥 x86 在基带不合适?这个作者这么震惊

Life of a pixel from Chromium:


Scaling Uber's Apache Hadoop Distributed File System for Growth

Figure 6不错,下次system design可以抄一下(