the only cheat sheet you need seems need subscription $29/mo code snippet with editor and team integration evolution of go's garbage collector, keynote in ISMM 二次元虚拟人物交易所,新版打算用以太坊合约。 高频交易。华尔街程序员们斗智斗勇的故事。情节引人入胜,科学性有待考察。 Swift 版 Metal 入门教程。最近正好有用 Apple 平台的绘图 API 的需求,快速入门了一下。唯一的坑就是 macOS 上没有 CADisplayLink


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for stalking people on github...

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ModernDive: An Introduction to Statistical and Data Sciences via R

推荐一个 ML on K8s 的炼丹管理

Standard Go Project Layout

visual tracker benchmark results

浏览器端 Python。简直是令人窒息的高端操作。 这个项目被运用在国内的某个在线 Python 幼教平台。 and windows 开启 hyper-v 之后, host 也跑在 hypervisor 上 ...

In addition, if you have Hyper-V enabled, those latency-sensitive, high-precision applications may also have issues running in the host. This is because with virtualization enabled, the host OS also runs on top of the Hyper-V virtualization layer, just as guest operating systems do. However, unlike guests, the host OS is special in that it has direct access to all the hardware, which means that applications with special hardware requirements can still run without issues in the host OS

作者对“Python 为什么这么慢”进行了详细的解答。 go tcp connection pool 作者头像不错 ...

我曾经多次很有兴致地教零基础或者仅 NOIP 基础的小朋友写网站写工程。我建议他们用 Codecademy 之类的 Interactive 平台学编程,但最后都没学出来。看来教写程序也是一门技术。 linkedin 用 gradle 代替 sbt 提高了 play framework 的编译速度 ... @gaocegege 还写 scala 么.jpg userspace oom killer, 需要 PSI (是啥 ...?

PSI pressure stall information for CPU, memory, and IO v2