玛丽苏文本加密器 generate cert so you can use ssl for localhost ssh capture error in go code and send to a error collecting and reporting service

Terminal to SVG



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一个做 os-query 周边的公司 kolide

Advanced Topics in Operating Systems (Stanford CS240)。这几篇文章都有点老,但是比较经典,特别是annotated copy中dalao的批注很有用

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TIME-LOCK ENCRYPTION:如何利用密码学让我的毕业照只能在若干年后才能访问?

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GEF - GDB Enhanced Features for exploit devs & reversers。虽然主要针对安全研究,不过试了一下在日常调试情境下也非常好用,强烈推荐

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竞价广告的机制设计 看 k8smeetup  公众号看到的小哥 cc @gaocegege

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This project is still under development and should not be used for anything in production yet. We are not seeking external contributors at this time a collection of tools and libraries for working with Go code, including linters and static analysis

Deep Learning Programming Language Detection。在搜索自己的变量命名时发现的……

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