Kubecon Slides & Download utility An instant REST API for any AI model detecting and preventing secrets in code. A collection of surprising Python snippets and lesser-known features.

Github 的清点对象算法。软件源的git镜像用了这个几乎是可以立即开始clone,否则每次clone要干等10+秒 (不知道为啥不做成默认的设置……调了半天git参数,奥妙重重

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Advanced computing with IPython

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Killing processes that don't want to die: 利用uid/gid/sid的规则制造难以被kill掉的fork bomb。interesting

Submitted via bookmarklet :sparkles: switch user agent, remove style etc. basic stuff.


Submitted via bookmarklet :sparkles: 'a root inside the container == root outside container'