使用 github gist api 无需任何服务器 搭建一个可动态发布文章的个人博客

SeaweedFS is a simple and highly scalable distributed file system. There are two objectives: to store billions of files! to serve the files fast! Instead of supporting full POSIX file system semantics, SeaweedFS choose to implement only a key~file mapping. Similar to the word "NoSQL", you can call it as "NoFS".


A crash course to convex optimization

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Hackable console logger

还是前端有意思 Azure Paxos implementation which is used by multiple products in Azure and Bing

Facebook's infer static analyzer adds support for ownership check (and more) for C++

Submitted via bookmarklet :sparkles: Naglfar is a toy web browser implemented in Rust from scratch

MapD is an in-memory, column store, SQL relational database that was designed from the ground up to run on GPUs.

GPU 数据库了解一下 Functional Programming For The Rest of Us


Gameboy 模拟器(Java)

Remote 工作一览,是不是可以在中国赚美刀了

分布式机器学习不同的并行方式的分析,60 页,后面对并行方式的介绍非常详细而具体。


ML for suggestive drawing (or doodling..)

Submitted via bookmarklet :sparkles: 阿里版 linux kernel 不知道有什么特点 ....

implement plugins for command line app in go like cargo and cargo-xxx, the idea is cargo-xxx should return json for command like available cc @codeworm96

gops: A tool to list and diagnose Go processes currently running on your system

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rsync considered inefficient and harmful


Effective Modern CMake

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我是看着楼上大佬 @htfy96 学会了下载和添加 dependency /w Collaborative Collection of C++ Best Practices, the author is mentioned in gist above (Going to be) A microkernel that implements a WebAssembly "usermode" that runs in Ring 0. 我很喜欢这种想法(

Where the Silicon Valley Tech Internships Are (收藏了,找实习用(

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Steam 在 Linux 上的 runtime