An O(n) Sorting Algorithm: Machine Learning Sorting


the manga guide to databases saw it in andy's twitter

For parsing, creating and editing unknown or dynamic JSON in golang


Google's Infrastructure for Everyone Else,谷歌内部系统对应的外部开源轮子实现


gcp now has 160 cores and 3.4 TB RAM

Algorithms Behind Modern Storage Systems AWS Aurora allow fault injection using command

A Github App that helps managing PR dependencies package


用 Markdown 来做 Google Slides

A framework for building GitHub Apps to automate and improve your workflow


JavaScript implementation of Git. Anything can be done by js =w=

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SJTU ecard APIs

Done some reverse work on 掌上校园 App 闷声发大财

A toy JavaScript meta interpreter. Execute js in js =w=

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WineHQ Bug: League Of Legends: Unable to log in if behind OpenWRT based router

That's why I don't trust either wine or WSL.

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Sweden 不买 Elsevier 的论文了 :thinking:

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Rust 写的 Python 3.6.5 的一个子集的编译器



n-gate: webshit weekly on Hacker News

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Advances in Semantic Textual Similarity

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facebook archived their open source time series database, beringei