live mysql migration, and it has tlaplus #炼丹

所以Kubernetes目前是完全社区化管理吗?好像群里有active contributor? a differentiable programming language based on TensorFlow

貌似是加了一层 wrapper 的 DSL .... cc @sxjscience

elastico open sourced x-pack including security, alerting, monitoring, graph and machine learning. It was a paid only feature. Statistics-driven Microbenchmarking in Rust which is inspired by #炼丹

Rough.js is a light weight (9kB) graphics library that lets you draw in a sketchy, hand-drawn-like, style.

GitHub 出品的,通过 Bot 学习 GitHub 使用的教程 and container orchestration systems ... cc @gaocegege 听说过没?今天水知乎看到了 .... 迁移学习简明手册 这个组合真是奥妙重重

除了 docs 就是图,代码在这里 writing system software by Redis author cc @codeworm96 #就是不炼丹

一些配色网站,在折腾 的时候找了一下 (知乎回答搬运 #pet老师我要做设计

Colormind is a color scheme generator that uses deep learning. It can learn color styles from photographs, movies, and popular art.

Meme is a generator that Vox Media uses to create social sharing images. See working version at a schema manager in Rust cc @codeworm96 作者以前是在 spotify 写 tsdb 的 ... /w 我还给他开过一个策策式的 PR (typo only fix weekly generator 0.2.0 is ready for reviews! 居然还有 podcast 的 app

An ex-Googler sold her home to fund her startup — and she just got $13 million to build the 'Netflix of podcasting' MXNet 也有 board 了 (套了一层 TensorBoard)

  • MXBoard provides a set of APIs for logging MXNet data for visualization in TensorBoard.
  • The idea of this project comes from discussions with Zihao Zheng, the author of dmlc/tensorboard, on delivering a visualization solution for MXNet users.
  • We aim at providing the logging APIs that can process MXNet data efficiently and supporting most of the data types for visualization in the TensorBoard GUI.

@arrowrowe @sxjscience 这个跟之前的 主要区别是什么? (btw: tensorboard 的前端代码好像没有用什么框架,起码没用 angular .....


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@arrowrowe @sxjscience 这个跟之前的 主要区别是什么? (btw: tensorboard 的前端代码好像没有用什么框架,起码没用 angular .....

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