有图有咩咩 looks good and we can implement similar things in ayi badge collection support rust @codeworm96


foundationdb 在被 apple 收购之后又开源了

go 用 ragel 写的 syslog parser 说比 rust 的还快 @codeworm96

~2µs to parse an average legal message Other RFC5424 implementations, like this one in Rust, spend 8µs to parse an average legal message.

~ soft era ~

🌸 Light pastel syntax theme for cozy, cute coding & typing. 🌱

@codeworm96 很早就有了各种依赖的工具,社区也一直在改进。另外有个坑是,不完整的 vendor 会出错, 比如 并不是一个库,虽然代码可能是一样的,编译会报错。写 example 的时候就会比较迷

我其实很喜欢 go 这样安排 workspace, 所以 ayi git clone 就按 go 的方式自动指定 clone destination。感觉比分好多文件夹用起来方便多了。我觉得性能要求不是特别高,code base 不是很大的项目,用 go 还是可以的。

根本不知道 cpp 怎么写的 gopher 路过 ...

Friends don't let friends use unions, unless they are type-safe .... Released in Abseil today: absl::variant, a C++11 compatible version of C++17's std:variant! Display and control your Android device without root

no longer need to buy chromecast to display screen to monitor .... Code screenshots for presentation

@raspberryice there was a standard for submission (will there also be review?) so the weekly generator can parse it and generate weekly without human involved , though I don't know how much @codeworm96 implemented ....