The Promise of the Cloud Delivered on Bare Metal

Utility for regression testing of web pages using screenshots Rust implementation of oci-runtime cc @gaocegege @codeworm96

Volutus is an edge co-location and data center as a platform service, stitching together a network of fully-managed micro data centers deeply embedded in the urban fabric—literally at the base of cell towers

..... so quiet

github running on k8s cc @gaocegege

It properly downloads, validates, and serves the block chain using the exact rules (including consensus bugs) for block acceptance as Bitcoin Core never know there is such thing (for free ....)

好久没上来过了。。。感觉上班后就没堕落了 MySQL 8.0.3 新feature 🐑 感觉落后时代很久了 a Streaming SQL Engine for Apache Kafka open source WebDav, 记得 luge @LukeXuan 实习的时候好像提到过 WebDav/CalDav etc. cc @gaocegege Finishing What You Start cc @gaocegege 共勉 /w\

never start a second one in the same category until you finished the first one Tolerance for Messiness cc @swaylq 艺术家乾乾 /w