Weekly 08/25 - 08/31




  • Mopidy, an extensible music server that plays music from local disk, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, and more.
    • Stream music from the cloud.
    • Just a server, a Python application.
    • Everybody use their favorite client.
    • Mopidy on Raspberry Pi.
    • Hackable. Mopidy's extension support and Python, JSON-RPC, and JavaScript APIs... Perfect for building your own hacks.

Mopidy - Shipshape, a static program analysis platform that allows custom analyzers to plug in through a common interface. - Keywords: Google, Docker, Program Analysis, ... - Postleaf (GitHub: Postleaf/postleaf), simple, beautiful publishing.



  • Koding: Seamlessly boot, build and test your dev projects with game-changing collaboration.

@at15: Koding is open sourced and integrated with GitLab, maybe we no longer to have course for setting up develop environment? - Internet Archive

@at15: 一个网站页面存档服务,居然有从 12 年开始的同去 \w/ - The Foundation, start your software business.

专题: 怎样打造一个分布式数据库

from zenany/weekly@b0c3de3

@zenany: 对分布式数据库项技术的的介绍挺详细的,可以了解下业界这项关键技术的各种实现方式。 - TiDB, a distributed NewSQL database compatible with MySQL protocol. - TiKV, a distributed Key-Value database powered by Rust and Raft. - Cloudflare: The Cuban CDN, 古巴的 CDN.



    ;; boot the server
    user=> (use 'overtone.live)

    ;; listen to the joys of a simple sine wave
    user=> (demo (sin-osc))

    ;; or something more interesting...
    user=>(demo 7 (lpf (mix (saw [50 (line 100 1600 5) 101 100.5]))
                  (lin-lin (lf-tri (line 2 20 5)) -1 1 400 4000)))



  • Simple RTMP Server (SRS), industrial-strength live streaming cluster, for the best conceptual integrity and the simplest implementation.
  • Oryx, SRS++, focus on real-time live streaming cluster.
  • Thyme. Automatically track which applications you use and for how long.

Application usage timeline



@at15: 通过这个才知道了 archive.org,phalcon 都 3.0 了....

@ComMouse: @at15 Phalcon 3.0 就是 2.1...

@at15: @ComMouse 嗯,我看到了,本来想吐槽他们为了 semver 而 semver 然后删了..... - Laravel 5.3 is now released

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