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opensource implementation for aws lambda

skrebbel 256 days ago [-]

In a way, Amazon Lambda is just "upload a PHP script to my $3 shared webhost", except: - JavaScript/Java/Python instead of PHP - Can handle gigantic bucketloads of requests per second, transparently If you don't expect to scale super high, and if the actual language isn't sacred to you, then you can get the exact same ease of deployment and a comparably large ecosystem of open source on your favorite el cheapo webhost. Many of the reasons Lambda is attractive are the same reasons PHP became so popular (despite the not-so-awesome language).


  • What is Matrix? An open specification for an online communication protocol.
  • What is Rust? A systems programming language from Mozilla built with safety, concurrency, and performance in mind.
  • What is Ruma? A Matrix homeserver written in Rust.
  • http://kanban.leanlabs.io/ a much better (look) kanboard for gitlab
  • VarCI, The Missing Assistant For GitHub Issues.
  • Gitamin (GitHub: GitaminHQ/Gitamin), an open-source, self-hosted git repository management software based on the Laravel PHP Framework.
  • LGTM LGTM is a simple pull request approval system https://lgtm.co
  • Malmo Project Malmo is a platform for Artificial Intelligence experimentation and research built on top of Minecraft. We aim to inspire a new generation of research into challenging new problems presented by this unique environment