Weekly 06/23 - 06/29




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  • Dockercon 16

    DockerCon is the community and industry event for makers and operators of next generation distributed apps built with containers.



  • One Click to Be Pro

    A list of the best resources to help you become a pro.

    Of course, it takes more than one click to truly become a pro. However, a good link is a great starting point to become one. The whole point of the title and the repo is to encourage people to learn new technologies. We filtered the abundant information from the Internet into this list that contains the best resources for each topic.



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  • PWA Dev Summit

    cc @ComMouse @arrowrowe (然而我并没有听说过,看来沉迷 overwatch 太久了......

    最近比较火的 Progressive Web App 概念



  • The Art Of Layout Testing With Galen Framework

    In this article, I will guide you through an interesting new layout testing technique. Using Galen Framework, I will provide a detailed tutorial for writing meaningful generalized layout tests, which can be executed in any browser and on any device and at the same time used as a single source of truth in your design documentation.


  • 15 Ways to Write Self-documenting JavaScript

    Making your code self documenting goes a long way to improving the maintainability of your code. Every comment is additional cruft that has to be maintained, so eliminating comments where possible is a good thing.


    // author: at15
    // This is a for loop
      // Ayi is chasing
  • 如何 10 倍提高你的 Webpack 构建效率

    webpack 已经是前端标配,如何提高构建效率成为了提高开发效率的关键之一。


    webpack 这篇好评




Awesome Go


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  • 5 Years of iOS

    时间线效果不错 cc @arrowrowe 东岳主页....


  • WeFlow


    来自微信技术团队,基于 tmt-workflow 前端工作流的开发工具。An efficient and powerful, cross-platform front-end development workflow tool.

    看上去像一个配置好的webpack .....


  • Textillate.js

    文字动画效果,其实适合跟 reveal.js 一起用来做屁屁踢

    cc @arrowrowe @ComMouse