Weekly 05/26 - 06/01





  • Threejs 基础教程


  • TensorFlow Examples

    TensorFlow Tutorial with popular machine learning algorithms implementation. This tutorial was designed for easily diving into TensorFlow, through examples.

    It is suitable for beginners who want to find clear and concise examples about TensorFlow. For readability, the tutorial includes both notebook and code with explanations.

    It seems not posted before. Please correct me if wrong.


  • 500 Lines or Less




ECMAScript Next


  • The Grammar of Graphics

    一套属于 DT 时代的图形语法.

    相关问题: 如何评价支付宝推出的前端可视化方案G2?


  • Stanford Javascript Crypto Library

    a javascript crypto library cc @ComMouse


  • ClassPreloader

    Optimizes class loading performance by generating a single PHP file containing all of the autoloaded files for a specific use case.

    似乎 Laravel 使用了这个进行优化的样子


  • Logrus

    Logrus is a structured logger for Go (golang), completely API compatible with the standard library logger. [Godoc][godoc]. Please note the Logrus API is not yet stable (pre 1.0). Logrus itself is completely stable and has been used in many large deployments. The core API is unlikely to change much but please version control your Logrus to make sure you aren't fetching latest master on every build.

    Nicely color-coded in development (when a TTY is attached, otherwise just plain text):


    Structured, pluggable logging for Go. cc @gaocegege

    (btw: 好久好久好久好久没有写Ayi了...... 我去画二专了....



  • Dead Yet?

    Startups come and startups go.

    some solve a need,

    some are ill-conceived.

    some will never fall,

    some should've never been at all.

    Dead Yet? is both a showcase of slowly dying startups and a sober reminder of #startuplife reality.