Weekly 05/05 - 05/11



  • vConsole: A front-end developer tool for mobile web page.

  • git-standup: Recall what you did on the last working day. Psst! or be nosy and find what someone else in your team did ;-)

  • BackstopJS: BackstopJS automates CSS regression testing of your responsive web UI by comparing DOM screenshots at various viewport sizes.

  • github-markdown-toc.go: Easy TOC creation for GitHub README.md (in go)

  • zsh syntax highlighting: Fish shell like syntax highlighting for Zsh.

  • Gitsome: A Supercharged Git/Shell Autocompleter with GitHub Integration.

  • EncloseJS: Compile your Node.js project. No sources aboard.

  • Slate: Beautiful static documentation for your API.

  • Git Annex and homepage: Manage large files with git.

Frontend and Backend

  • elm-lang and tutorial: the best of functional programming in your browser.

  • Redux: A predictable state container for JavaScript apps.

  • material-ui: React components that implement Google's Material Design.

  • JsSIP: The JavaScript SIP library.

Pretty Service



  • FreeCodeCamp

    貌似 Star 数十万了。。不知道为什么这么恐怖。。


    -- @ComMouse

  • Programming by poking: why MIT stopped teaching SICP

    According to Sussman, his students spend most of their time reading manuals for these libraries to figure out how to stitch them together to get a job done. He said that programming today is “More like science. You grab this piece of library and you poke at it. You write programs that poke it and see what it does. And you say, ‘Can I tweak it to do the thing I want?'”. The “analysis-by-synthesis” view of SICP — where you build a larger system out of smaller, simple parts — became irrelevant. Nowadays, we do programming by poking

  • Windows原生运行Linux的技术细节

  • Paper from Siggraph 16



    PS: 是否意味着普通人也可以画本子了。


  • Non-lexical lifetime

    MIT PhD's view of Rust's lifetime system -- @mrmiywj

  • RePractise:


    私以为其中比较精彩的一部分是 《前端篇-前端演进史》 (虽然后面有些内容已经超出前端范畴了=w=)

    -- @ComMouse

  • Nature and its code: Machine-learning-assisted materials discovery using failed experiments

  • 日请求从百万到八亿的技术历程

  • Benchmarks of PHP sorting algorithms


    -- @JasonQSY

  • OMR: The Eclipse OMR project consists of a highly integrated set of open source C and C++ components that can be used to build robust language runtimes that will support many different hardware and operating system platforms.

  • Tilt Brush

    这个感觉可以用来画3d的本子了!!!! 技术改变本子啊!

    -- @at15

  • AI Composer - Machine Learning for Hackers

  • VSCode Updates

    Visual Studio Code 更新,看到了很多有趣的功能,Node.js Debugging 等等


  • Another paper: 日本早稻田大学发布自动描线与自动上色技术

  • Cron best practice

  • algos: Algorithm implementations for interview.

  • Electron 1.0: So long we have walked.

  • from zenany/weekly@a9caf83:

    Programming Language Theory* https://github.com/steshaw/plt



    http://blog.jobbole.com/100349/ 关系型数据库非常有趣,因为它们是基于实用而且可复用的概念。如果你对了解一个数据库感兴趣,但是从未有时间或意愿来刻苦钻研这个内容广泛的课题,你应该喜欢这篇文章。