Weekly 03/24 - 03/30


Git | So Let's Talk about Git

下周 @swaylq 讲 Git 哦~

容器与云平台相关 | 开箱可食

Golang | Go Go Go!

  • Minio, an object storage server compatible with Amazon S3.

  • Shadowsocks 源码阅读

  • Caddy, Golang 的多平台服务器架设, 支持 HTTP/2, Let's Encrypt 等.

  • Teleport (repo), SSH for Clusters and Teams. Extend SSH to create a modern access layer for teams working on distributed infrastructure. (From zenany/weekly@4be0479)

  • BigCache, fast, concurrent, evicting in-memory cache written to keep big number of entries without impact on performance.

PHP 相关发布 | ********

前端, Node & NPM | Liberated!

Slack-like | Yet Another 系列

  • Mattermost (repo), an open source, self-hosted Slack-alternative in Golang and React.

  • 简聊开源版

    Teambition 的简聊开源了... btw, 代码是 coffe, 后端用 express, 搜索是 els + ik......

工具和服务 | Better Life Thanks to Tech

  • Anki, 速记卡.

  • Koding: Get developers up & running on any project, from anywhere in just 5 minutes with Koding.

  • Greenhouse, software to optimize your entire recruiting process.

  • Hushmail, 提供加密服务的邮件服务商.

    看 PT 上一个压制组招人的邮箱后缀找到的. @at15

  • GitHub New Feature: Saved replies

更多 | もっともっと!