Weekly 03/17 - 03/23


这一期出现了神秘的投稿人 ~~(都是男生)~~


GitLab iOS 客户端

单身的时候就是效率高啊..... @at15 (好像暴露了什么....

GitLab Android 客户端

人多力量大,众人拾皂泡泡多 \@cyy


  • 随机踢人 by @ComMouse
  • 人工合并文件 by @at15

btw: 运行了 2356h 的 php 进程, 每个都 cpu 占到 90%, 果然同去本身是 cpu 不密集型

想你的365天,好像是个歌.... @at15


LDAP x GitLab x OwnCloud x Che

  • OpenDJ (不是唱歌的..... 黑喂狗,动词大词,动次大,pia
  • GitLab Docker (rvm 安的乱七八糟的 @lihaibo )
  • OwnCloud (当年有人传小电影被 cjc 发现了....
  • Che (只知道拿 surface 打游戏不写代码的出来 @LukeXuan


已经看不过来了,感觉最近被众坑围绕。。 @gaocegege @gaocegege 你一直是被众坑围绕.... @at15 一个妹子一个坑,注意肾体 @at15

Users submit simple high-level jobs and Nomad handles scheduling, deploying and upgrading applications. Docker built in; Nomad makes it easy to deploy one container or thousands.

Hashicorp 有好多好玩的东西,大家~~喜欢的~~vagrant就是他家的

vagrant 下的 windows 服务器,跑 Rust 不是梦 @at15



好多好项目.... 当然水的也不少,做完有 $5000,不过出国狗有visa revoke风险,还是老老实实做毕设去了 @at15

Lecture is Back


下周就要讲配环境了呢 (感觉讲了好多遍了......


  • Shotgun Episodes. Though the full videos costs, we can still retrieve useful information from presented.
    • Shotgun: JavaScript Video Experience
    • Test-first methodology: Red/Green/Refactor workflow. Write tests first (they are red now), then code, just enough to work (tests green!), then refactor.
    • Test libraries
      • The general test suit, Tape. (It has a style similar to AVA. We've been discussing a lot about different test suits including Mocha, Jasmine and many others, but just use the one you are comfortable with. Anyway, you should try.)
      • Testing React, Enzyme.
    • Cheerio, jQuery for the server.
    • Shotgun Episode 2: Writing Tests that Don’t Break. This episode talks about UI tests, but kind of different from Macaca, which focuses on interactions. In the article only some HTML structure tests are presented, confusing. Enzyme (mentioned above) is another solution if using React.

@InubashiriMomizi /\w @at15 btw @at15 this is Inubashiri Momizi of Youkai Mountain > <! @InubashiriMomizi

### 面试

第一个问题之前被面试过 @gaocegege

这个哥们对python很熟啊 @gaocegege 楼上很帅啊 @at15


感觉, PHP 社区已经被一群 CMS 脑残粉带偏了.... 看上去很热闹的死气沉沉 @at15

@ComMouse One PHP file replacement for phpMyAdmin @at15 这个是合并文件,不是真的是一个文件,当然有那种真一个文件的数据库操作库.... @at15

PPM is a process manager, supercharger and load balancer for PHP applications. 应该是类似swoole那样,长时间运行一个进程,减少每次初始化的开销 @at15

PHP并发IO之路 @swaylq 为啥不用 java 呢.... @at15


WTF, I've never heard before. @LukeXuan

译文 @arrowrowe

WebAssembly 似乎还没浏览器支持?... @arrowrowe

JS 测试


@InubashiriMomizi 换个短点的名字,比如 at15isHandsomeAndHaveManyGirlsChasingHim


@arrowrowe @gaocegege 你们老东家又开源了,自动化测试的解决方案 @at15 道理我都懂,但是logo真的跟coding没关系么 @gaocegege @CodingdotNet 不想当抱枕的不是好猴子 @at15


aka DDD

s3git is a simple CLI tool that allows you to create a distributed, decentralized and versioned repository. It scales limitlessly to 100s of millions of files and PBs of storage and stores your data safely in S3. Yet huge repos can be cloned on the SSD of your laptop for making local changes, committing and pushing back.


别说话,用心感受 @gaocegege 记得开声音 @at15

开源MC,GSoC 看到的

开源跨平台游戏引擎 @at15

邮件配图是 @at15 画的哦~~(此处应该有激动的昏过去的美少女之类的剧情)~~ sky is the limit