Weekly 03/03 - 03/09


命令行工具 | YUKI.N >

  • JSON Processors in Commandline
    • Jsawk, like awk, but for JSON.
    • jq, like sed for JSON data.
  • Rainbow Stream. Terminal-based Twitter Client. Realtime tweetstream, compose, search , favorite … and much more fun directly from terminal.

密码, 安全 | Safety First

阅读 | Memory in Library

项目集锦 | Programmers' Tower of Babel

  • Go

    • Go for Visual Studio Code > I choose PhpStorm. @at15
    • Micro, a microservices toolkit to simplify writing and running distributed applications. > 感觉 Micro 要比 Go Kit 更实用一点, 另外从 Kit 的 README 里看它有受到 Micro 的启发, 不过 Kit 的 star 更多, 可能因为宣传或者看上去更x一点. 毕竟感觉很多人 star 也只是 star 了而已, 我猜国外不会比国内有什么不同. @at15
    • Go kit, a distributed programming toolkit for building microservices in large organizations.
  • Java

    • Auto, a collection of source code generators for Java.
  • PHP & JVM

    • JPHP, a new implementation for PHP which uses the Java VM.
  • PHP

  • Python: KingPin, the Python toolset used at Pinterest for facilitating service oriented architecture and application configuration management.

    Python 的分布式. @at15

  • Haskell: fm-client, NetEase Cloud Music FM client in Haskell.

    @foreverbell 出品! @arrowrowe

  • Opensource Frontend

    • Closure Library, a powerful, low-level JavaScript library designed for building complex and scalable web applications, used by many Google web applications, such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Docs, Google+, Google Maps, and others. > Google's common JavaScript library, 不过 demo 都看上去好古老...... @at15
    • Hilo - HTML5 Game Framework, 阿里开源的 HTML5 游戏引擎, 已申请专利. 附个 demo: 切水果. > 虽然都在黑阿里, 但是阿里开源还是很活跃哒. @gaocegege
    • UEditor, 百度 web 前端研发部开发的所见即所得富文本 web 编辑器. > UEditor 又开始维护了...... @swaylq @at15

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