Weekly 02/25 - 03/02



From Frontend to Anything

  • I wanna be the copy and the live demo: "I wanna" in the browser.

    Excited. --@gaocegege

  • Awesome Electron

    • Electronic WeChat: WeChat ported into electron on *NIX.

      You can find @arrowrowe and @gaocegege in contributors!

    • Kakapo-app: White noise application on electron.

    • ScreenCat, an open source screen sharing + remote collaboration application.

    • N1, an open-source mail client built on the modern web with Electron, React, and Flux.

      Seems that N1 does not support proxy, see nylas/N1#104. Any volunteer? Will switch to this if proxy supported... --@arrowrowe

    • In Abricotine, you can preview your document directly in the text editor rather than in a side pane.

  • NovelScript: Galgame Library on HTML.


  • Draft.js and news: Javascript Rich Text Editor Framework.

    Draft.js is a JavaScript rich text editor framework, built for React and backed by an immutable model.

  • Sheilds IO: Badge CDN for Open Source Projects and etc.

    and --@at15

  • weinre: 404 Not Found 0.0(and @at15 get a mirror)

    移动端调试工具 --@ComMouse

    移动端的安卓 Webview 和 微信 简直坑深似海。。

  • BFC: 详说 Block Formatting Contexts (块级格式化上下文)附赠一篇清除浮动

Services Inspection

  • ArchCI是一个CI tool,还是国人写的,架构有点独特。

    为了实现queue/worker的架构,他们是使用MySQL来做一个queue,worker周期性地去poll MySQL拿到没有被执行过的build,然后进行执行,把结果,日志存入Redis中,之后Client再请求的时候就可以从Redis中取出。

    这样用MySQL来做queue的方案,还是第一次见,不知道效率如何。感觉MySQL这样的关系型数据库,应该不太适合这样玩吧,欢迎讨论\w/ --@gaocegege

  • Gitlab CI Runner: Newest CI Runner for Gitlab

  • Maven and Gradle: 依赖管理工具漫谈

  • 高可用Docker

  • Docker Cloud

    With Docker Cloud, the image repositories that you are already hosting on Docker Hub can be deployed with just a few clicks to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean and others. Docker Cloud enables organizations to continuously deliver their applications with integrated and automated build, test, and deployment workflows. And with its web-based UI and developer-friendly API, it's easy to manage and get visibility of all your containers running across your entire infrastructure.

Exciting Things

  • qt-imc-x44: 蠢福用cpp写的聊天软件.....

  • Gitbar: a plugin for bitbar to quickly show your open soure github contribution stats and help set contribution goals, all on your Mac OS X Menu Bar.

  • Keep a Changelog: how to write changelog

  • 微信域名案简单解读

    长期以来,“微信”的拼音域名“weixin.com”都不在腾讯公司手里。近日公布一份亚洲域名争议解决中心公布的裁决文件显示,经该中心裁决腾讯获得域名了“weixin.com”。而“weixin.com” 域名当前的持有人,在裁决后向北京市海淀区人民法院提起诉讼,要求确认其持有域名不构成侵权。

  • WriteTyper: 復古打字機

    From @gaocegege's star!

  • And there is something deprecated, go and check the issue if you are interested in it.