Weekly 01/28 - 02/03

周报第十八期 - 催稿人:@LukeXuan - 交稿人:@at15 @swaylq @arrowrowe @gaocegege

Announcement - 不要总想搞一个大新闻

Further Reading and Deeper Thinking - 见多识广

  • CircleCI关于分布式的讨论



    I don't know raft and paxos, so cant say much about that, but I do like some part of the conversation.

    So I just need to split my simple CRUD app into 12 microservices, each with their own APIs which call each others’ APIs but handle failure resiliently, put them into Docker containers, launch a fleet of 8 machines which are Docker hosts running CoreOS, “orchestrate” them using a small Kubernetes cluster running etcd, figure out the “open questions” of networking and storage, and then I continuously deliver multiple redundant copies of each microservice to my fleet. Is that it?

    btw: I like the image (look, cece is digging big holes again) cece's hole


  • 中文文案排版 and pangu.js


  • 博文-API蓝图


  • 数据库集群

  • AutumnsWind: Nice contribution graph

Tools, Tricks and Utilities - 怎么才能跑得快

  • Autoplay on mobile devices


    well .... it's in the contract, so e...


  • kanboard: Kanban that can be integrated with Gitlab.(similarly: taiga.io)



  • rally: App based on Uber API to ensure friends to arrive on time.

  • Cloud9 IDE: Your development environment, in the cloud.

    all seems pretty good, especially for novice who dont want to setup dev environment locally.


  • http://ftp.sjtu.edu.cn/(ubuntu/)*: Sample of badly treated symbol link.

    For more information, please contact @gaocegege and he will teach you hand in hand.

  • PHP Oauth2.0 and sample with Eloquent.

  • Composer: A set of composer related tools, self host, develop own package

  • POD: git push deploy for Node.js

    we can use it to serve swagger doc


  • Awesome Public Datasets: May be useful for MCM/ICM?

  • Swagger Node: Bundled swagger editor, mock server, real server and swagger-ui.

  • OneOps





  • daocloud mirror: Facilitates your docker but collect your data.

  • VeryNginx: 功能强大并且拥有对人类友好的界面Nginx, 提供防火墙,自定义行为和统计功能

    openresty 看上去不错啊