Weekly 12/31 - 01/06

周报第十四期 - 催稿人: @swaylq的shadowsocks@at15 - 交稿人: @arrowrowe @LukeXuan @swaylq @gaocegege @at15



  • Uranus 一个简易的聊天软件。。。 (乾乾用socket.io做的大作业) lq is a gay


一向追求酷炫的 JS 社区

  • webtorrent: Streaming torrent client for the web. from @gaocegege
  • Keymage is a small (1.5kb min.gz) library for handling key bindings in JavaScript. It supports nested application scopes, has a simple DSL for defining keys and can handle key chords.

Support things like a, ctrl+e, defmod-j, ctrl-j k, ctrl-t ctrl-j k, ......

  • Trails, another web application for Node.js, built by former members of the Sails.js core team. 主要是用es6
  • Yeoman helps you to kickstart new projects, prescribing best practices and tools to help you stay productive. 很有名的yeoman, 其实除了开坑速度快,感觉用处不大.
  • Essential JavaScript Links
  • local-npm (及其 安利), 可能可以用来搭镜像? 有空看看 - -
  • Adonis.js v2 released – Laravel for Node.js. MVC Framework for NodeJs to write webapps with less code.

沉闷的 PHP 社区

代码真的好简陋, 这个风格我喜欢.... @at15


  • Kivy - Open source Python library for rapid development of applications that make use of innovative user interfaces, such as multi-touch apps.


我们会将整个支撑百度搜索新架构的组件开源出来,目前已经开源的有, 1、tera分布式表格系统 2、ins 分布式锁 3、sofa-pbrpc rpc矿建 4、galaxy 集群操作系统 一切都在 github.com/baidu ,敬请关注 from http://www.oschina.net/news/69522/galaxy-2-0



红星操作系统(Installation): 朝鲜自家的操作系统

看样子高仿os x,但据说是基于Fedora的。。手动金三胖鼓掌 from @gaocegege


cc @gaocegege @at15




推荐 5 MIN QUICKSTART, 亲测可以跑...... @arrowrowe

npm 的依赖处理变化 from @arrowrowe

Dependency resolution depends on install order, or the order in which things are installed will change the node_modules directory tree structure. A simple case is,

npm v3 Dependency Resolution

More complicated cases are discussed in npm3 Duplication and Deduplication, introducing the npm dedupe command.

Node.js and npm for the Windows Developer

鸡汤类 from @arrowrowe

It's important for programmers to challenge themselves.

Creative and technical stagnation is the only alternative.

In the spirit of the new year, I've compiled twelve month-sized resolutions.

Each month is an annually renewable technical or personal challenge:

  • Go analog.
  • Stay healthy.
  • Embrace the uncomfortable.
  • Learn a new programming language.
  • Automate.
  • Learn more mathematics.
  • Focus on security.
  • Back up your data.
  • Learn more theory.
  • Engage the arts and humanities.
  • Learn new software.
  • Complete a personal project.

Read on for my suggestions.

cc @gaocegege @at15

干嘛cc我俩....是因为personal project从来都开坑不填么...


  • Openage, a free (as in freedom) clone of the Age of Empires II engine.


似乎是一个组织, 并且他们说 'We mostly program in Scala and Javascript'.........

cc @gaocegege