Weekly 11/26 - 12/02





  • Move.js, a CSS3 JavaScript animation framework.
  • AdminLTE: Admin dashboard & control panel theme based on Bootstrap 3.
  • 一个 PHP 的 CMS, 看 PHP7 的 hashtag 时无意看到的, 看上去不错, 支持文章的历史.


  • A Simulation In Emoji. This (prototype) is a tool that lets you simulate systems of the world. In emoji.
  • bwapi, 星际争霸 AI.



  • Updtr updates outdated npm modules with zero pain™.
  • Forkability, 检查你的repo可fork性如何.




Identicon Generator

Just like Gravatar.



I use atom for most script and text editing. It features coffee-script and the active eco system. But it terrifies users with its poor performance in loading and editing large files.


See also Atom packages in Weekly 2015/11/11.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a multi-platform code editor for various languages. (Same as Atom and Sublime.)

It supports extensions, though since not very long ago. As you can see, the download numbers in its marketplace are low, compared to Atom's and Sublime's. The good news is, you can write your own extension instead of almost always finding someone else has done it for Atom or Sublime.


I am using vscode for most of my text related work it has little different with sublime and atom, and it does not have spell check. But it works well with C# and is light weight.



Introduction to Testing Node.js

油管上关于 Node 的测试的一个讲座, 时长半小时. 以下是部分内容.

Testing Patterns

  • Unit: Small tests covering individual functions. 单个函数的输入输出.
  • Integration: Integrated modules (combined functionality). 模块合作.
  • Functional: Focused on end result of large actions. 规模较大的行为的最终输出.
  • Acceptance: Typically client-side, end-to-end testing. 用户向.

~~讲完 Testing Patterns 之后似乎就是以 Mocha 为例的一些常规测试写法了...~~

~~原来 Mocha 发音是摩卡呀 - -... 一直念抹茶呢 - -......~~

主讲人刚开始 mock 时举的例子是改 require.cache, 后来讲了 rewire 和 sinon 等等.

最后的 Q&A 环节值得听.